Lead Generation

Follow Up

Category Wise Lead Generation / Follow Up

Product / Services

Product / Services Add

Stock / Without Stock

Low Stock Signal

Category / Sub Category / Brand Wise Product Add

Daily / Monthly Stock Report ( Buy / Sale / Return / Damage etc.)

Service Charge

Client Wise Service Charge

Monthly / Yearly Service Charge

Monthly / Yearly Payment

Due Service Charge

Collection Report

Supplier / Vendor

Supplier / Vendor List

Supplier Due List

Due Payment / Collection

Supplier Wise Product Buy / Stock / Return / Damage

Client / Customer

Client / Customer List

Clients Due List

Clients Due Payment / Collection

Clients Wise Product Sale / Return / Stock / Profit


Making Quotation In Short Time According To Customer Demands

Invoice / Bill

Making Invoice / Bill

Automatically Manage Customer Previous Due And Recent Price

Can Adding Courier Services


Office Expense

Other Expense

Category Wise Expense

Profit / Loss

Client Wise Profit Report

Product Wise Profit Report

Daily / Monthly Profit Report

Daily Notes

Daily Task / Notes

Task Reminder Options

Project / Project Wise Business Type

Project Name / List

Expense Category

Income Category

Project Wise Expenses

Project Wise Income


Bank List

Bank Money List / Add

Money Deposit

Money Withdraw

Transaction History

HR / Accounts

Employee List

Salary List / Salary create

Monthly Salary Paid

Advanced Salary

Salary Transaction History

Profile & Other Setting

User can change whole business information. Like as Name, Phone , Email etc.

Can Change Password, Logo & Signature

Invoice Color Change

Automatic Invoice Comments

Payment Type

Payment Status

Courier Services

Low Stock Change

Daily Cash Report
All Reports
And More...

Make Your Business Too Easy & Flexible

Single User System

Single User Management System Software

Multi User System

Multi User Management System Software

Multi User + Central Management

Multi User System With Central Management System Software

Without Stock

Version-01 : Manage Without Product Stock

With Stock

Version-02 : Manage With Product Stock

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For any kinds of business use it for speed-up their business. Digital Invoice Manager is an essential tool you need to run your small / medium / start-up business or freelancing job smoothly.

Digital Invoice Manager offers you to streamline many of the processes your business needs and offers great value for money.